May 10

fantastic food fashion recently posted a photo story on food fashion “can you believe these outrageous edible clothes?” Two of my “Hunger Pains” images were included. Some people have gotten quite nutty with food. I particularly like the nike cheeseburger sneaker. Though they did also highlight that overly similar PETA image starring Cloris Leachman, I still find it an enjoyable piece.

Oct 09


Office workers. In an office. Wearing clothes made out of office supplies. Sound fun? It’s my latest project that is now ready for prime time. Retouching props to¬†Playground in Prague (that’s quite a few “Ps”) who were amazing to work with, virtually/digitally. Two shots below to tease. The rest are on my site.


Oct 09

“officewear” behind the scenes vid

Okay, it has taken a little longer than expected, but the edit is finished. Check out Ami Goodheart and her SOTU crew popping some mad design skills on the unsuspecting office supplies. click on link below:


Sep 09

“office supply clothes” – behind the scenes

This past weekend, a project months in the making finally came to fruition. With the help (such not a strong enough word) of Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions and her team of ridiculously-talented designers, we shot office workers, in an office, wearing clothes made entirely of office supplies. Computer cables, post-it notes, staples, xeroxes, erasers, envelopes, bubble wrap, papers clips and just about every other supply you’d find in the supply room were used to create modern couture. It was a long day (19 hours). The talent was super cool with amazing stamina (19 hours). Three meals were consumed (19 hours). Special thanks to Daniella Shachter for makeup/hair, Kirsten Thoen for assisting and Jen Freeman for use of the location and her help with assembling the wardrobe. Final selects will be on my website shortly, as well as a behind-the-scenes video.

Apr 09

I want to be a baby

When creative director Marta Ibarrondo told me about the idea she’d been working on for EGG Baby Clothing, the water I was drinking came out my nose. She had somehow convinced the boutique, NY designer to depart from the usual “happy kids in pretty clothes” ad campaign and go for something, dare I say, funny. Show adults who want to be babies again so they may wear the uber-cool and stylish designs. The idea hinged on research that showed parents who bought EGG clothes wished they came in their sizes, too.

I had never seen any baby clothing advertising like this, so I jumped at the opportunity to shoot it. As you can imagine, the budget wasn’t huge, but we managed to find amazing talent (through the help of casting director Laine Rosenberg at House Productions) and secure great locations (by offering parents a boat-load of free EGG clothes). We shot over a 2-day period in March. The actors were great sports and really got into character. Below are some behind the scenes pics.