"Hunger Pains" shoot

It took a ton of planning, but I finally shot my personal project “Hunger Pains” on January 25th. Unfathomable designs by Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions (and her incredible staff)? Check. Just the right talent? Check. A studio full of food and 16 hours to make it happen? Check.

I’ve had a fascination, lately, with the relationship between people and what they eat. The models wore clothes made entirely of real food that depict a meal each person was craving. It was a wild process creating the outfits. About 15 people were involved and each look took hours to assemble. The artichoke heart gown was designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway fame and took over 6 hours to finish (the model stood the entire time while they attached each individual leaf).

Big thanks to all involved. Check out the a behind-the-scenes video below. Pics to follow.

Hunger Pains behind-the-scenes VIDEO

  • http://www.seconddrawdown.com Novia Ng

    Wow, those pieces were amazing, the artichoke dress was particularly fantastic. Nice work.

  • Courtney

    http://www.tedsabarese.com/#/PORTFOLIO/gallery/37 – this is my favorite photo of yours

    Your work and yourself inspire me.
    I love fashion and photography; I think that your photographs are amazing.
    I love how you think outside the square and they way you dress your models, it so creative.

    You have really inspired me

  • Ninja Girl

    I love your photo Artichoke Heart Dress. The dress looks so elegant. I think the purple and the green go so well together and the model is beautiful. I can’t think of any way I could make a more splendid artwork. :)

  • Summer

    I love how realistic and dynamic this photograph looks. By only using different shapes, textures, tones and colours of bread you have achieved a very interesting classy look as if the model is going to a high society event. I appreciate how much effort has gone into creating this leaving a very detailed image. The accessories in the images such as the bag really contribute; making a fashion statement. However, I feel that there is a lack of colour in this photograph. If it had a more vibrant background it may have been more striking and intriguing. Also I am slightly confused on the message you are sending as bread is such a simplistic and poor mans food however the model appears to be ‘high society’ therefore I struggle to find where you are coming from. Yet I perceive that as a model she may be craving bread because she never gets to eat it.

  • Emma

    Your works are amazing! Your use of colour and texture is greatly explored through your works. The way you connect with the audience through your artworks is unbelievable. Using the Post-Modern Frame, you challenge the audience with your unique style which I love. I especially love “Hunger Pains” and was blown away by your skill and talent to contrast people and food. You are such an inspiration!!!

  • Rachel

    I think that you have done and outstanding job. I love the way you have use the texture, tones and colours to express importance and a feeling of high status. the picture I adore the most is the Artichoke heart dress I love the texture and the depth that this photograph expresses. I ‘m a bit confused on what is the message, but you have made food into fashion and I think that’s extremely artist and amazing.

  • Bryana

    I think your work is unusual but really cool. In Hunger Pains I love the way that you’ve dressed all the models in food. It’s very creative. I especially like the bread model and the way you’ve creatively arranged her dress. For some reason I like the bread loaves as puffy sleeves and the bread stick in her hair. The whole dress is amazing.

  • http://www.tedsabarese.com/blog/?p=9 Kaitlin

    All your work is Extraordinary! You’ve done an outstanding job creating and photographing these outfits. Just by looking at the images viewers can see how much time and effort is taken to create work so wonderfull. Its great how you challenge the audience with something new and exciting, ‘food into fashion.’ It makes people think about what your communicating and in this case i believe the outfits on the models are the foods they crave or cant have, which is displayed in the title of this collection ‘Hunger Pains.’ My favourite work is the Artichoke Heart dress, its unusual and interesting, i love all the textures you’ve used and its a modern looking outfit. Everything is amazing, well done! :)

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